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Hi, This is Jack.

I’m really excited to be announcing the release of my new album out now on Blue Elan Records.OneMoreSongImage

I went back to my roots with very simple musical arrangements of my strongest songs, going back to my coffee house days of the 60’s. We are giving away a version of the title track, which is called “One More Song”. It starts off by saying “I was in a sleazy bar in San Diego”, which of course, I was… It was recorded several times over the years, but never by me. This is the first time I have made a record of it. My friend Jackson Browne liked the song and there is a version on the internet of him and Linda Ronstadt singing it together live with the stellar line up of David Lindley on violin, Andrew Gold on guitar, and Kenny Edwards on bass at Clark University in Worcester, MA on March 13, 1974.

The wonderful Kate Wolf recorded it on her “An Evening In Austin” DVD, which was done live at Austin City Limits in November of 1985. By the the time you read this, I’ll have made my debut playing this song live in front of thousands at the 21st Annual Kate Wolf Music Festival in Northern California in her honor.  Also, Randy Meisner, a member of the Eagles, recorded and named his 1980 solo album “One More Song”. I love the way he did it.

For a complimentary version of the song from Blue Élan Records, just click the link below, where you will be taken to a site to enter your email address. That’s right. You can get the song for free right now just by clicking over and putting your email there.

Pretty cool…Thanks people!



Famed songwriter Jack Tempchin is known for penning some of the most durable tunes in American music for a variety of artists that includes the Eagles, George Jones, Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner, Glen Campbell, Emmylou Harris, Trisha Yearwood and many others.

He’s also co-written with a who’s who of American roots, rock and R&B composers that embraces Tom Waits, J.D. Souther, Bobby Whitlock, Jim Lauderdale and Beth Nielsen Chapman.


From Rolling Stone.com: 

Jack Tempchin on New Album, Glenn Frey Tribute and Eagles Classics

“Peaceful Easy Feeling” songwriter tells humorous stories behind the hits and details his upcoming LP saluting the late Eagle



Jan 22 – at Hotel Cafe – 7pm

Jan 24 – Coach House San Juan Capistrano with Timothy B. Schmit

Jan 29 – at Hotel Cafe – 7pm

Jan 26th – St Rocke Hermosa Beach with Timothy B. Schmit

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How Ya Doin'?! Joe Walsh hanging with Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr yesterday. Sez Ringo: "And look out Joe W. came out to play what a day I'm having peace and love. 😎✌️🌟💖😇🤣☯🎶☮" ... See MoreSee Less

How Ya Doin?! Joe Walsh hanging with Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr yesterday. Sez Ringo: And look out Joe W.  came out to play what a day Im having peace and love. 😎✌️🌟💖😇🤣☯🎶☮

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That's gonna be some awesome music so ready for it 💛😊👍🎶

Gee., You guys are looking older too!

Can't wait to hear some new music from this crew!!

Looking Cool


Joe Walsh fan over here!

Hi guys

Three of my fav guys!!!

Omg my favs


What an incredible group of guys!! These are the guys that made our lives whole with music. They are such a part of our lives & memories! Rock on....

Tja der Ringo ist mit der Barbara Bach( ex Bond Girl ) verheiratet und der gute Joe Walsh mit ihrer Schwester. Wer ist denn jetzt der junge Mann ganz links ? Kennt den jemand - I love you yeah yeah ......

The sixth Beatle. And I have to say. I'm a little ashamed that it took until I typed this comment, to comprehend the "beat-" in the Beatles.

you guys both band were and still my favorite. I remember listening to ok city KOMA 1420 wolf man jack and hearing you my god love. Love you guys.

Joe, you were my fav in 1978 and dang, you still look fabby! Love love love for Joe! Hey Ringo, Paul, y'all are doing OK too lol♡♡

Sir Paul And Ringo should hung out more often there the only Beatles left.

And together with Joe Walsh. There Music Should Be Awesome. ....

Joe is the man, if I could hang for a day with any living musician it would be Joe

Nice " Trio" lead singer, lead guitarist, and drummer! Does this mean a collaboration on Something!! ❤ 🙂

What a trio!! Three of the greatest musicians I have had the pleasure of seeing and listening to most of my life!

3 top notch musicians for sure.Your talents will never be repucated

"Orcas Island"! Love the hat, Joe! You guys look great.

This kind of talent won't be seen again for along time.

Ringo & Joe Walsh are brother-in-laws.. They married 2 sisters.. true..

Tree Handsame legend,,fantastic musician..Love them tree times.🎸❤🎤

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Songwriter Sunday: "How is Songwriting like doing the dishes? Shine the blazing light of your consciousness on it..." -Jack #GoWriteOneWashing The Dishes - Jack Tempchin - Go Write One ... See MoreSee Less

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LOL awesome, JT. Reminds me why I sing all day long. Thanks so much

wow jack i will never wash the dishes the same way again !!! so, it's after dinner and I'm in hot water again,it just came to me !! 🙂 😉 😉

I would write a song titled "Glenn We Miss You Every Day" in honor of Glenn Frey who died on January 18,2016. I watched The History of The Eagles to help me cope with his death. I miss Glenn Frey very much. Take it easy.


Hi Jack!!!!!

I Love The Way You Write A Song... INDY GIRL

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'Hotel California' won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year on this date in 1978. Where does this LP cover take you back to? ... See MoreSee Less

Hotel California won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year on this date in 1978. Where does this LP cover take you back to?

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18 years old when it came out! The 70's ROCKED!!! Saw the Eagles on Hell Freezes over tour in Detroit at Tigers Stadium. Beautiful starry night 12th Row and they opened with Hotel California...Never forget!

One of the greatest albums of all time. I was in grade school when it came out. Grew up on their music and had the pleasure of seeing them live in 2005 with my wife. I will never forget The Eagles and their contribution to the music in the soundtrack of my life.

Jr year in high school... Heard Hotel California and loved them ever since ❤️ must have played that album a million times ... Even my mom...who was totally not a "hipster" loved Hotel California...she called the music hauntingly beautiful 😊

Compared to their earlier albums I actually don't think Hotel California was that great. And I have never liked the title song. The real Eagles for me was 1972-74 in their country based Bernie Lead on days before they became too overproduced and rocky. But today it would have stood out since most music today are far from this standard.

Living at Morgan South Australia i was 14 in 1976 when it was released !! Hotel California used to be played on American Top 40 every saturday it was on all day on 5AD!!! Loved the songs and they would play a medley of Eagles greatest hits too!!

Jack its like a portal to another planet when you put on Hotel California you went into another place it was so good.Records like this will never be made again

I was 8 years of age. Hotel California, one of the top 3 greatest albums of all-time. It's every bit as good as Abby Road, Sgt. Peppers, and Dark Side of the Moon. I am honored to have seen The Eagles in concert before Glenn became the "New Kid in Town" at "The Last Resort".

How uncanny that I am listening to this album in my car and then find this post. A mere 18yrs young at the time. Seen them 3 times. Wembley stadium London, Twickenham London and O2 Arena London.

I was almost 14 when this Brilliant album came out it hadn't quite been released in NZ a friend of the family had bought the album over frm America for me as a gift still got it today

Newly married with a two year old. Blasting this song in my little apartment. Still listen to it everyday in my car. My grandchildren also sing along. Priceless

Hotel California is my favorite song, EVER. I was five when it came out. I saw them in '94, when "For the record, we never broke up, we just took a forteen year vacation." Best concert I've ever seen.

There was awesome music produced, then. Today is a paun ib the rear to watch an award ceremony and one does not understand what is the merit on almost every case! Adelle just stop the orchestra and simply says, I screwed up. Unheard, unseen!!

It reminds me of the apartments I lived in at the time. All if my neighbors were friends & we were in & out of each other's homes. I started calling the place 'Hotel California' even though we were in Georgia. Great friends & fun memories ❣❣❣

My high school sweetheart bought me this album. Had the pleasure of seeing the Eagles 5 times in my life. My favorite band in the whole world. By the way, still have the album but not the boyfriend. Thank goodness.

I wore out 3 vinyl copies learning to sing to this..... hours and hours. Should have been doing more homework but aaah.... yep.

1985 Torrejon Spain , Air Force barracks , my buddy's album collection had it . It was good then but now as a 53 year old it's perfect !

If I told u something, it might make people say Get Over It .but it stays in my heart , anyway these guys made me stay alive , they are my , life and soul , so much happiness in one's lifetime , Thank You for doing what god sent you guys here for. Mission accomplished

Is that a Surprise? I still have vivid memories of the walls of speakers draped with the album cover. Commiskey Park 1978! 😎

One of the best albums ever! The Eagles Greatest Hits and Hotel California were their best. In fact, the two best albums of any band! 🙂

My garage in wellsville ny, polishing my 77 red on red corvette, first time i ever heard hotel california, the twin harmonic guitar leads totally blew me away

My dad use to be an engineer there, Everytime I hear that song it takes me back to playing in that pool, this band is the soundtrack to my life....

The very first time I heard "Hotel California" was LIVE,,in concert,,nearly 3 weeks before this LP was released--listening to a song brand mew--that I was not at all familiar with--and both SEEING it and HEARING it live (and hanging on every note..)Totally BLEW Me Away!! I have never forgotten the experience!!

my very first purchase of popular music when I was young, have worn out 2 vinyls of this album, as well as a cassette, now have it on cd. It's too bad I can't find a radio station close here that plays m ore of the tracks. Wasted time is so underplayed

Love it!!! I remember babysitting and while the kids were sleeping, my friends and I sat in the livingroom with the moonlight shining through the window, listen ing to Hotel of California. ..those were good times!!!!

Saw them in 1978 in Ft Worth Texas at the Tarrant County Convention Center . It was a great show. They open with Hotel California. Every time i hear that song it takes me back to that show. To me that's what a band does for you. They give you 100 percent of there talent so it will stay with you no matter how long ago you seen them. That's what the Eagle's did for us and thank them for there great music..

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3 days ago

Eagles Songwriter Jack Tempchin

Bonnie Raitt & Brandi Carlile did a great version of 'Peaceful Easy Feeling' honoring Glenn Frey at The Troubadour a little over 1 year ago.

Eagles Songwriter Jack Tempchin
Bonnie Raitt & Brandi Carlile on 'Peaceful Easy Feeling' honoring Glenn Frey with tribute at The Troubadour. Thanks to Americana Music Association for a great night with Lee Ann Womack, John Paul White, Jack Ingram, Sam Outlaw, Ruby Amanfu, Escondido, Cedric Burnside, Jessie Baylin, Nicki Bluhm, Venice, Henry Diltz and host Jed Hilly. Also in the crowd: Dwight Yoakam and that guy Harry Styles from One Direction...
... See MoreSee Less

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I broke my left shoulder n for some reason I can't get this to play, maybe because I'm a lefty, I'm having problems.

I had goose bumps! That was fantastic!

Sending Glenn some soulful Peaceful Easy Feeling. Loved it!

Beautiful voice and a great version❤️



Love it. Beautiful harmonies, too ...

Awesome! I Love the Troubadour! ❤️

Bonnie Raitt is probably the artist I've seen most in my life, followed by Jackson Browne; they played a lot in my old stompin' grounds, tried to never miss a show. Been a fan since about the I first time saw GF & DH play with Linda back in 71 at Chuck's Cellar... I can definitely sense a theme in my music taste; she's always great (but especially when she played with her dad... something I could share with my own parents)

Bonnie Raitt can do no wrong. Another one who can "just stand there and sing".

Love the old classic make me won't to listen to them all night.


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This date in 1976, 'Eagles Their Greatest Hits: 1971-1975' was released. It'd be certified as 'Best Sellling Album of the 20th Century' by RIAA ... See MoreSee Less

This date in 1976, Eagles Their Greatest Hits: 1971-1975 was released. Itd be certified as Best Sellling Album of the 20th Century by RIAA

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Still have my album. The Eagles were the first concert I ever went to. It was in 1976 in Omaha. Dan Fogelberg opened for them. Great show, great album

They were The Best, still are The Best, & will always be The Best......Band of All-Time! End of story... Love my Eagles.... all of em! Don H, Glenn, Bernie, Randy, Don F, Joe, Timothy..... thank you for making my life so happy! Rock on!!

The original vinyl sits proudly on my wall after many years of listening to the CD. Such a good album...not one song I dislike or skip

Came home from work and found that a strange guy was sleeping on my couch, thanks to the idiot boyfriend. The guy brought this record with him. We were married for 37 years. Thanks, Eagles.

Sunday mornings were my Eagles listening time...Windows open.Sunshining.slight breeze.cranked up!!!! Ahhhh Peaceful easy feeling for sure....My best friend,JB sang Desperado at my wedding.in 1995 ,,still a life high!!!

I contributed to that... Maybe that can go in my obit... "A life long music lover, Jennifer helped make 'Eagles Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975' the top selling album of the 20th century..."

Best selling with good reason - the best music ever, and it continued for another 30+ years and now the best solo stuff from Timothy B. Schmit, Joe Walsh and Don Henley. Thanks always, Jack, for sharing.

I lost mine in a move... 🙁 I won it on a radio station WHB in Kansas City,Mo. I was 13 years old been a huge fan since. I was blessed to see The Eagles one last time before Glenn passed away in Kansas City,Mo in 2013 <3 Jackie

Was only 20 when this album was released. Drove 25 miles to buy it and another back. Can still remember the intrigue of its first playing. Thanks Jack.

Listened to it on vinyl ... 8 track ...and cassette ... Eagles channel on Pandora ... just cannot get enough ... nothin like Livin In The Fast Lane with a Peaceful Easy Feellin .. as the New Kid In Town. . Lol

Something about The Eagles when the party started to die, any Hit of theirs breathed life back into that party lull. It's odd though, I could sense a tension between Glen and Don, that need to be the front runner status.

I still have my vinyl , and they were damn well deserving of that award and all the other awards that they received , I love there music , thank you Jack , keep on rockin 😎

I heard that Hotel California was taking longer to complete, so they or the record company put out this album. Is that true?

The best especially growing up in the 70's. I have my original vinyl still. Great memories and amazing music. Turn it up!

I went through College playing this to Death every single night, cultivating my Love for the Best Band of all time.. !!!!!!

In 1976 . Most bigname rock bands were buying "Jet liners" to fly to gigs! This album is probably why each individual member of the Eagles was buying thier own jet plane!!! To make it to the show!

~~ i use to have this album, along with Zep, Pink Floyd, to name a few.. but my ex took them from me.. cd's aren't the same sound, ya know? .. bb ~~

The eagles are truly one of the greatest groups of all time I saw them at hollywood bowl a couple years ago put on a great great show

Can still remember the day I bought this album have in the intervening years replaced the album 2 times as wore the others out bought as cd and download as well ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I graduated H.S. in 76'!!! The Eagles were playing everywhere!!!! Radios, albums, Concerts, Casinos, An Awesome Group! An example of Excellence!!!! We Rocked Out!!!!! A Great Year in Music!!!!!!!

I gave this album to a girl in high school. It was the hit of her Birthday party. I paid $5.99...I think. K Mart at post oak and south main had it. The Eagles were the first concert I went to at Jeppeson stadium and paid $15.00 per ticket. Jimmy Buffet was the opening act and tuned " Margaritaville ".

One of my favorites, I use to have the album, wore out a couple of cd's, might have even had a 8 track of this-yes I'm old. Lol.

I was a kid this album came out right around like 10 through 11th birthday and I had it on vinyl or record whatever they want to call and my mom love that out for me for my birthday

If that album knew all the good times that were had listening to it. The stories it could tell...riding Harley to Daytona bike week. Parties in the country.. Good times!!!! Thanks Eagles!

Been listening to the Eagles all day !!! Love their music ! It's all I want to hear ! My twin and I always wanted to go to a concert , his daughter took him to one without me ( how dare them ) I didn't even know they were going , he called me with the Eagles singing in the background and laughing cause I wasn't there . But it's ok , he passed away 3 years ago and I'm happy for him he got to go see them ! Maybe someday I'll get too ! If not , I'll just wear out my CDs ' !

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"That tension had a lot to do with fanning the artistic fire." -Joe Walsh. Showtime Networks aired 'History of the Eagles' Part 2 on this date 4 years ago. My songs 'Peaceful Easy Feeling' and 'Already Gone' (w/R Strandlund) were included along with my brief featured interview in Pt 2.History of the Eagles is an intimate, meticulously crafted patchwork of rare archival material, concert footage, and unseen home movies explores the evolution and… ... See MoreSee Less

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I've watched this three times...'cause it's the next best thing to being there.

Jack... I Love those Iconic songs that we all rocked out to... I just played both on my Big Martin yesterday.,. Love them.. Thanks😊

Just watched the Documentary The History Of the Eagles for the third time... Timeless💕

Yes , nobody should missthis.

Nobody should miss this!

If only we could freeze time. 😢

Great work!

Already Gone, another great classic, love it

Best band in the world.....

Listening to that fabulous band at this moment....



Already Gone is and always will be my favorite Eagles song... It's lyrics and raw energy that defines a true rock song and Already Gone has both. A very special tune that I feel captured the Eagles at their best....

Tammy Tammy Hiles

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NEW 'One More Song' Limited Edition 180G vinyl LP will be out 3/31/17! This will include autographed copy of original "Slow Dancing" 2-sided Lyric Sheet (pictured) recently on display at The GRAMMY Museum. Mastered at Capitol Records Studios. PREORDER NOW at Blue Élan Records- http://www.blueelan.com/jack-tempchin-store/ ... See MoreSee Less

NEW One More Song Limited Edition 180G vinyl LP will be out 3/31/17! This will include autographed copy of original Slow Dancing 2-sided Lyric Sheet (pictured) recently on display at The GRAMMY Museum. Mastered at Capitol Records Studios. PREORDER NOW at Blue Élan Records- http://www.blueelan.com/jack-tempchin-store/

"Maybe we could have that rarest of things in American life: A Second Act..." -Don Henley. Showtime Networks debuted 'History of the Eagles' documentary on this date 4 years ago as a 2 night event.History of the Eagles is an intimate, meticulously crafted patchwork of rare archival material, concert footage, and unseen home movies explores the evolution and… ... See MoreSee Less

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The Eagles were always there for me going through this crazy thing called life. Thank you Jack and Eagles.

I ordered Showtime in order to see HOTE and bought the DVD Set when it came out. I prefer the first half as they began and were ascending. That part of the story was much less known to me. What a atory!

I had to watch the entire documentary the night after Glenn died (bearing in mind that In Europe we didn't get the news till late Monday night). I did it with the help of a large Tequila Sunrise. I had to see him alive just once more before I could even start to think about the fact that he was gone 😥😥😥

I watched the documentary and learned a lot that I didn't know. Thought it was great. In the summer of 2015 The Rolling Stones came to Buffalo NY the first Saturday in July and The Eagles came the next Saturday. I went to The Stones and figured I'd catch The Eagles down the line somewhere. Well I was wrong and regret it. R.I.P. Glenn.

It's a brilliant film--I have seen it more times than I can count. Jack is featured in it and he has had a great part in the success of the Eagles and band members' solo work. And, of course Jack has a whole life and body of work he performs...Bravo!

I have literally lost count of how many evenings were spent watching this documentary - Is it bad that I almost know it word for word? I don't think so 🙂

I've checked it out & am gonna stick to watching repeatedly. Wonderfully made for/about a super wonderful/the best band in music history & important now w/sadly loss of special member Glenn, know he's happy for people to remember & know about him. 💙 R.I.P.

I have this taped and watch it often. It's a celebration of the So Cal rock scene at a very important time in music history. It's amazing. I can't imagine anyone besides Glenn,Don, Joe, Randy, Bernie,Don F, Timothy, Jackson, JD Souther, Bill Szymczyk and Irving Azoff and you Jack, by adding their voices and memories to this exceptional rock doc. I just love this. It brings me back to a great place every time I watch it.

The best rockumentary I have ever seen, I watched it on Netflex a few months ago. It kept me focused thru out the entire running time and I enjoyed every minute of it....👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘

I've watched that doc 20 times in two years, had a chance to see them reopen the forum, but headed out of town instead, what a mistake !!!!!

i have watched it on Netflix about 4 times .lol.....once is not enough..twice is just not enough...3 times well why not watch it again...4 times okay i think i got most of it memorized....But need to watch it a couple of more times, just in case there is a pop quiz.. And how often can I watch Glenn and the guys and it be considered enough? I have only watched it once since Glenn passed, it was hard to watch after he left us. It is time to watch it again i guess

This is such a well made documentary.. absolutely loved..


I'm writing "The Story of American Teenagers When Eagles Flew"!! 😎

So glad I got to see them one more time for my 50th bday a few years ago in DC~

Never get tired of watching this it's absolutely brilliant

I love this-the footage is absolutely incredible-whoever put this together is genius. I watch it frequently-never tire of it.

Have watched it too many times to count. Even quote from it. Love it and Love the guys even more. ❤❤❤❤

One of best bands ever. So very much talent in that band almost unreal

I watch it all the time. My favorite! Can't get enough of it!

Watch it over and over again. Loved hearing their stories. True friendship.

One of my very favorite things to watch! I ordered the DVD I enjoyed it so much.

I love it all..especially when TBS joined.

This is an awesome documentary! I've watched it several times!

I've watched it about 50 times already... awesome awesome !!

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"Yeah you bring to me the joy of a Carefree Heart..." -Keith Harkin and I wrote this one. It could easily become a Valentine's Day fave"Carefree Heart" performed by Keith Harkin at Poor David's Pub, Dallas, TX, December 14, 2015 ... See MoreSee Less

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NIce .... Jack💕

I L❤VE "Carefree Heart" and it is time for a new Valentine's Day song. Thanks, Jack and Keith. ❤🎶❤🎶❤🎶❤



Love it so much, very beautiful !! Thank you!

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