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Hi, This is Jack.

I’m really excited to be announcing the release of my new album out now on Blue Elan Records.OneMoreSongImage

I went back to my roots with very simple musical arrangements of my strongest songs, going back to my coffee house days of the 60’s. We are giving away a version of the title track, which is called “One More Song”. It starts off by saying “I was in a sleazy bar in San Diego”, which of course, I was… It was recorded several times over the years, but never by me. This is the first time I have made a record of it. My friend Jackson Browne liked the song and there is a version on the internet of him and Linda Ronstadt singing it together live with the stellar line up of David Lindley on violin, Andrew Gold on guitar, and Kenny Edwards on bass at Clark University in Worcester, MA on March 13, 1974.

The wonderful Kate Wolf recorded it on her “An Evening In Austin” DVD, which was done live at Austin City Limits in November of 1985. By the the time you read this, I’ll have made my debut playing this song live in front of thousands at the 21st Annual Kate Wolf Music Festival in Northern California in her honor.  Also, Randy Meisner, a member of the Eagles, recorded and named his 1980 solo album “One More Song”. I love the way he did it.

For a complimentary version of the song from Blue Élan Records, just click the link below, where you will be taken to a site to enter your email address. That’s right. You can get the song for free right now just by clicking over and putting your email there.

Pretty cool…Thanks people!



Famed songwriter Jack Tempchin is known for penning some of the most durable tunes in American music for a variety of artists that includes the Eagles, George Jones, Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner, Glen Campbell, Emmylou Harris, Trisha Yearwood and many others.

He’s also co-written with a who’s who of American roots, rock and R&B composers that embraces Tom Waits, J.D. Souther, Bobby Whitlock, Jim Lauderdale and Beth Nielsen Chapman.


From Rolling Stone.com: 

Jack Tempchin on New Album, Glenn Frey Tribute and Eagles Classics

“Peaceful Easy Feeling” songwriter tells humorous stories behind the hits and details his upcoming LP saluting the late Eagle



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Eagles "Heartache Tonight" won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal on this date in 1980. Written by Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Bob Seger and JD Souther, it was their final chart-topping song on Billboard Hot 100. ... See MoreSee Less

Eagles Heartache Tonight won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal on this date in 1980. Written by Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Bob Seger and JD Souther, it was their final chart-topping song on Billboard Hot 100.

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I still can't believe they released Teenage Jail. Worst Eagle song ever, the clunker of all time for them. On a single? WTF were they thinking or snorting?

I think all the Grammys they won for best vocal performance were sung by Frey. Why he got cut off as main vocalist on their last three albums in the 70s, I'll never know.

Another one of their Awesome songs ..I miss the EAGLES SO much .All their songs are so GREAT ..Never be another band like them .. Malinda DeBause

Jack Tempchin! This song perfectly summed up one summer night when I was in high school! It's so evocative of a time in my young life! Thanks! 💖😎😕

I still sing this every time out with EITHER band... Since vocals (both lead and harmony) are the longest suit in both, this works very well...

The Eagles are my all time favorite band and Glen Frye the ultimate band mate! I miss them so much! Hotel California one of my all time favorite songs! A truly great band!

Great song, loved Glenn's vocals on this. And loved Bob's performance at the Kennedy Center Honors.

Henley put on a great show last summer as close to the eagles as it gets

"King of Hollywood" should've been the B side instead of "Teenage Jail" JMO

Every party finally got started when that song started to play!

Such a great bluesy sing from the gut song! Missing Glenn😒

Bob Seger Rocked this one out at The Kennedy Center Honers!!!

Such a great song, hard to lose with that collaboration!

Love the Eagles.

I saw them last summer in concert it was awesome<3

Teenage Jail shouldnt have been a Bside

One of my all time favorite songs!

Fine times...carefree times

One album I don't have.

One of those rare songs that grabs you from note one.

Love the Eagles

Fine times and carefree time. The best !

That's what I'm talking about

My favorite Eagles song

Love The Song and The Band.

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Just heard 'The Heat Is On' on The Academy Awards. Still sounds great! Bizarre ending to #Oscarsyoutube.com ... See MoreSee Less

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I heard it too. I have a 5 month old Golden Retriever puppy that I named Summer, her AKC registered name is Tanbark's The Heat Is On, in honor of Glenn ❤

I heard it too. Glenn still speaks to us today. He and his music was and remains to be such a great part of so many lives. It has been mine.

Zero interest in awards shows now. Has become much too political for me. All the unsolicited commentary from people that don't have a clue what's going on in the real world is one reason hate is running rampant.

He touch our harts and then was gone . Like a flower he bloomed ,till that ol hickory wind called him home.

The end was the best part, best laugh I had in a while!! Great tune too! Wished they canned the politics though so sick of it.

Heard that too. Was singing along. They are using classic tv and movie themes as bumper music.

Glenn will live on forever in his music! Thank you Glenn for your wonderful gift of music <3 <3

We don't have the Oscars live here but I will watch it. Great they played it. Our Glenn lives on

We heard it too started singing. Great song by two great guys. Love ya Jack!!! ❤❤

Getting ready for bed, switched the channel and heard The Heat is On!

LOL, I heard that and thought it was the best part of the whole show..................until they messed up the best film winner 🙂

Great post. Had to be a Glenn fan to catch that!

Yes it's starting to come on cause the snow is melting in Canada. We've had a snowy icy winter

Yes! I heard it as well. Glenn's music will live on forever ❤

I caught the too Jack RIP Glenn

Love this tune...

His music will live on it will never die

I heard it too! Love it!!

Awesome jack !!

Should have shown the video also!

something tells me you like the eagle's great band

The heat is on !! Love that song !!

Hate this one. Sorry.

They need to play it again! 😊

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Who misses Vinyl! Its a lot more trouble than Spotify or iTunes... but don't you think/feel it just sounds better overall? http://bit.ly/JacksVinyl ... See MoreSee Less

Who misses Vinyl! Its a lot more trouble than Spotify or iTunes... but dont you think/feel it just sounds better overall? http://bit.ly/JacksVinyl

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I think vinyl is warmer to the human ear. I have been running my music through a laptop for years, however I bought a throwback system and want to hookup my turntable after 30 years or so... Also, in looking at these album covers I think some of Don Henelys hardest drumming (meaning hitting them hard) was played on of all albums the Desperado LP...

Besides authenticity in sound, the Eagles were brilliant with album covers and packaging. What's cooler than the cover of "One of these Nights"? Or the single sleeve on "Please Come Home for Christmas"? A bit of self-depreciating satire on that one. I also miss embossing, gate folds and posters. Do I sound too much like an old fart?

I miss the fact that when you bought an album, you felt like you were getting a little piece of history. Read all the credits. Sometimes they had hidden artwork or messages. Sometimes they came with booklets or an extra fold that showed the process of recording the album or extra pics. Now you just get the music.

Still have them but re bought all on CD.......and doodled downloaded to I Tunes. Will NEVER get rid of my vinyl collection.

I truly miss it. The excitement of cutting the plastic pulling out the sleeve. The feel of the vinyl in your hands, hearing it come alive the second the needle hits it. Yea I miss it.

I wish I would've kept my old vinyl! I just bought a new Technica turntable, Bluetooth able. Terrific sound but new vinyl $$$!

I don't miss caring for vinyl. I still have my anti static and dust kit somewhere. It's just too much work when iTunes exists personally. Besides I prefer playing live and jamming for sound quality. Oh, and then there is the ease of going to the iTunes store, searching for say Jack Tempchin, and voila, all these songs populate and I can pick and choose even if the song didn't make vinyl. That's the up side, however. Happy Sunday, Mr T!!!

Actually looking at turntables lately. Going to probably buy a Denon and then hit Lous Records down on the coast hi way in encinitas and start a new collection.

Especially if you are fortunate enough to still have a tube amplifier. So much warmer than the clipped crap from digital amps. If it don't glow, it don't go.

I came along later than yall, born 1970. We used to listen to my moms records from latev50s and 60s. I remember buying Eagles live on lp in Junior High.

Love the vinyl. I don't listen to it anymore. I need to get my turntable fixed p r replaced. I have a nice collection of over 400 lps l look at everyday. Everyone trys to get it from me all the time. Lol. I have 5 of the six in the picture.

Ive got all those on vinyl and that is the only way I listen at home. However, I do have CD and digital copies (mainly for portability).

Only thing I miss about vinyl is the cover art. LP recordings were all about compromise. Properly mastered digital sounds so much better.

Vinyl .....analog all the way.....digital tech has been nothing but a negative on so many levels ....,,,PLEASE.....don't get me started....

About 10 yrs ago my daughter was babysitting a 6yr old and I pulled out an album and the kid said,"WOW THAT'S A BIG CD". That is so sad.

Never left vinyl. Still have all my records and a working turntable. Have inherited many records over the years due to still having a turntable.

Definitely just bought my second copy of The Long Run yesterday just bought an old tuner and turntable after 45 years going back sounds great

I don't miss vinyl -I have over 500 lps and I listen to them all the time! Vinyl has a warmth and presence that digital can't touch-

The graphics, the liner notes we could actually read...!

it sounds better because the songs were great also the musicians and bands

Just luv the eagles had many a eagles nite in my house 🍷🎤🎸🍸👍

My son is a new vinyl collector, there's nothing like it

I believe it has warmth, and a fuller sound....The new stuff not so much....Just love vinvy.

I kind of miss my albums,wish I would have kept them.

Wally World here in small town Whiteville NC is selling turntables now!!! Got about 30 vinyl albums From Neil Young to Super Grit Cowboy band!!! A local band from Hood Swamp!!!

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Happy Birthday to Paul Cotton! Born this day in 1943, Cotton joined Poco in 1970, replacing Jim Messina. Cotton's best known vocal track is "Heart of the Night" a major hit from Poco's Legend LP.I had to re-upload a better version of this vid. This one is full screen and better res. ... See MoreSee Less

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Seen your concert with Firefall in Jonesboro, Ar. a few years back. Great!!! Are you related to Gene Cotton? ... just curious! Rock on!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL, one of my favorite guitar players ( love that great choppy style, a unique great thing), your songwriting , voice, and music contributions!!!

My personal favorite is "Bad Weather"! Happy Birthday, Paul Cotton; I still have the hat you graciously signed for me in Orlando, FL.

Happy birthday Paul! The music of Poco always puts a smile on my face and brings back so many great memories!

Another great song from Poco. Sounded like an extended version. Cool live performance. Thanks for the share.

Happy birthday .Loved Poco .."Crazy Love" Love it when TIMOTHY Schmidt was in the band and now his "Leap Of Faith " Album is AWESOME... Malinda DeBause

Great song! Wow, Poco sure produced some great musicians, too!

He has had many great vocal tracks and along with the other members of Poco deserve s to be in the RRHOF.

love this song. brings back great memories of high school

Great song. The Eagles were my first concert. In Chicago 1962

Your music gives me an extra smile each day, thanks. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL

Bad Weather is my favourite Poco song of all time. Happy Birthday Paul

Happy birthday Paul knew you as Norman when you were in the Rovin Kind..(chicago in the 60's) congrats brother!!

One of the most underrated singers of our time. Love Paul Cotton. ❤


Happy. Birthday Paul.Cotton!!!!! ~Love POCO Forever

What a great group, brings back lots of memories, HBD!

My favorite album by Poco is A Good Feeling To Know

Happy Birthday Paul. Love love Poco.

One of my favorites

Great song!

Great song!

Still has a good sound

Great song steel guitar is awesome

Big shoes to fill, but he did it well.

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Remembering American music icon Johnny Cash born on this date in 1932. 'The Man In Black' did a fine rendition of "Desperado" on American IV: The Man Comes Around... Produced by Rick Rubin with Don Henley contributing Background Vocals.Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group North America Desperado · Johnny Cash American IV: The Man Comes Around ℗ 2002 American Recordings, LLC, under e... ... See MoreSee Less

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I Still Love Someone is a great Cash song recorded by Ronstadt as well

You ain't getting no younger, your pain and your hunger are driving you on.

Johnny was one of a kind....NO one will ever replace "the man in black" 🙂 He was a true icon...

Great rendition by Cash! Linda Ronstadt does a good one too! And none better than the Eagles!

Happy birthday 🍰 to the Man in black, Johnny Cash...father of Roseanne Cash who married Rodney Crowell, whose guitar 🎸player Stuarte Smith is now Don Henley 's guitar player.

Gave me chills, I have never heard Johnny sing that song before, thanks for the pleasure. Happy birthday, it's shared with my husband who is passed n was a great fan of his. Sure they're buddies now!!!


Happy Birthday to the man in Black Johnny Cash. Yes Linda Ronstadt does good one too!

Love Johnny Cash Happy Birthday to the man in black.

Love this song by anyone!


Thanks for posting. I didn't remember this.

Love Don Henley in the background.

Pretty good

still the greatest

Video is not available 🙁

Kerry Miller Simmons

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Jack In The LP Box: New Album Arrives!
Jack In The LP Box: New album arrives! Out 3/31 PREORDER at Blue Élan Records- http://www.blueelan.com/jack-tempchin-store/
... See MoreSee Less

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Jack, I love the passion and energy you show for music and appreciate what you have done for us here locally. Your new album is awesome..

Just listened to Part of Me, Part of You. Can't tell you how that song touches my heart. The video by the ocean is beautiful. Also, your album cover looks fantastic ... 💚🎸

PS, I love the album and I will get one , I have a sweet collection of vinyl 🙂

Congratulations Jack! I am so excited to get the Vinyl Album! Almost worn out my 2 cds and downloads! Lol! Also really glad you are feeling better! Been Missing Ya! xx

You are sooooo right about albums Jack, I love the cover and can't wait to get one.

Very cool, thanks for sharing like this. You are a Mensch.

My favorite part of the 33's was the sleeve. I loved reading who played on each song and all the thank you's. I am so glad they are coming back.

You Rock.......Oh yeah..... I'd gotta get this .....Thank you so much 😉

Ur such a talented man Jack and we all love what u have brought to the music world. Ur a legend too.

Congrats my friend! It will be nice to play a new vinyl. With your talent. It will be a peaceful easy feeling!

Good for You Mr. Tempchin. That's wonderful....

Go Jack go!!


You are funny and now I'm hungry 🙂

Wow superific.

Yay Exciting!!! I want one! <3

Hi Jack!!!

Love this! Congratulations Jack! 🎶🎸💿🤗

Nice work


I love it Jack.... Sell millions 💖

Very Nice!

Congratulations on your new releases good job Jack.😘

I used to have a old corona typewriter!!! Wore the thing out. I am truly looking forward to getting this album of yours Mr Tempchin along with the signed lyrics of slow dancing. I will say more nice stuff about you if you happen to sign the album too and I won't even have to make it up. LOL!!!

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"Something to keep in mind in these changing times." -Midnight Jack #goodvibes #taooftempchincomics #peacefuleasyfeeling ... See MoreSee Less

Something to keep in mind in these changing times. -Midnight Jack #goodvibes #taooftempchincomics #peacefuleasyfeeling

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I get what you're saying, but it does look like the scarecrow in the background might have done a little too much Mardi Gras festing (hurling lunch over the garden wall?).

Friendliness ,kindness and an open mind and the realisation that the possibilities are endless . Wish you could meet my cover shot

My "EAGLES" friend!!! We have missed you Jack Tempchin!!! And I know you won't let me down.cause I'm already standin on the ground!!! I think that's close!! Hahaha!! I don't always remember!!! 🙋

Yes it can .For Life's too short...For a lot of Childes Bullshit.....Live Love Laugh.....Peace out 😉



Yes it can change everything for a persons life. There's nothing like having a true friend.

A smile goes a long way doesn't it?

ok as long as Mr Rogers is gone lol

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Glenn Frey #flashbackfriday #flashbackfreyday ... See MoreSee Less

Glenn Frey #flashbackfriday #flashbackfreyday

Comment on Facebook

Love them all but glenn was my fav i have all is solo stuff saw the eagles 3 times and sadly on their last tour in england rip glenn xx😢

He was a low down bad refrigerator he was just too cool for school #Glennfrey

Great great band. Fortunate to see them in Manchester on their word tour. The merge of generations was brilliant. It is no more.

Never lucky enough to see them live but will always love their music .The documentary about them is brilliant .The live acoustic version of Hotel California has just been on the radio .It livens up a wet and dismal Saturday afternoon.

Glenn you were great thanks for the music

Awesome just love him

Gone way too soon.

Love these early years pictures. !!!!


WOW Grrreat

Great picture Jack !

Great pic

You are so missed Mr. Frey❤

Early years

Sexy easy feeling days

U remember me now Fiona Iles

Love love love

Awesome photo❤

Great songwriter

Loved you then love you now

My #1 Eagle 🦅 of all time and the best looking. Wow

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Happy Birthday to Country music artist Sammy Kershaw born this date in 1958! Wrote a fun tune for Sammy in the 90s called "Your Tattoo"Music video by Sammy Kershaw performing Your Tattoo. (C) 1995 Mercury Records ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy Birthday Sammy enjoy your day don't eat too much cake lol

That's mine Tattoo

Love Sammy 🙂 Happy Birthday 🙂

Happy Birthday, Sammy!!🎉🎈🎉🎈🎂🎸🎼🎤🎹☮

Happy Birthday Sammy Kershaw!

Hey we have the same birthday!

Never see or hear him anymore......:(

Sounds like George Jones

i Like Sammy Great Singer

Happy birthday Sammy!

Happy birthday Sammy

I got 3

Love that video , song and Sammy . He's awesome

Happy birthday Sammy

happy birthday Sammy... I do have to say that I miss the country music from the 80's.....

Is he still married to Lorrie Morgan? Happy Birthday 🎉

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Happy Birthday to Peter Fonda! The original Easy Rider was born on this date in 1940. He'd come and watch my band at The Joint, but there's no reasonable explanation for this photo. #Rock and Roll ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Birthday to Peter Fonda! The original Easy Rider was born on this date in 1940. Hed come and watch my band at The Joint, but theres no reasonable explanation for this photo. #Rock and Roll

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Too damn funny for words but I'd feel better if you weren't grinning so much BEFORE he licked you, LOL

Maybe You should have kept this photo to Yourself Mr. Tempchin. Filed under things we regret. Hmmmm.

Looks like you and Glenn would have spoken my language and made me laugh constantly. Peter is a case too

Easy Rider, the movie was almost mandatory for a generation. Such a great music tract.

The reason Peter Fonda is about to lick your ear is because he had already "whispered in your other ear". Haha.

You're right - no reasonable explanation. ( He musta been higher than a kite!)

Cool pic I used to go to the JOINT quite often GREAT SPOT for some of the best talent and music one can ever find 😊

Just trying to get in his last licks!


Happy Birthday Peter!

Love it, lol!

There must be something appetising re your face

Its Peter Fonda...THATS why! lol

Two Wild and silly kinda guys! 😜😜

Happy Birthday Peter!

Happy birthday

Jack, ur blushing...Happy Birthday sleezy rider!

Happy happy happy birthday

Peter Fonda doesn't need a reason 🙂


Now that's funny!

Got some tongue

One of my favorite movies

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