Peaceful Easy Feeling: The Songs of Jack Tempchin


“This album, Peaceful Easy Feeling: The Songs of Jack Tempchin, is [my recordings of] all the songs I wrote with Glenn Frey, plus “Slow Dancing,” “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Already Gone.” For “Slow Dancing,” I recorded a duet version with Rita Coolidge, and we’ve filmed a video with the two of us singing on it.

Also on the album is “Soul Searchin’,” which I recorded with blues singer Janiva Magness. And then I recorded an acoustic version of “Already Gone” with my friends Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen. Chris, Herb and I also recorded a song called “It’s Your World Now,” which is on the last Eagles album they recorded (Long Road Out of Eden). I also did a song called “Privacy” which Glenn and I wrote, but no one’s heard before. We’re making a video of this song…

This was a great new opportunity—I’d never recorded any of these songs. It was challenging, but I think the album turned out great and I’m glad I did it. Also, by doing duets which I don’t normally do, it expanded me musically. So it was really a good thing.” – Jack Tempchin in Songwriter’s Universe



Famed songwriter Jack Tempchin is known for penning some of the most durable tunes in American music for a variety of artists that includes the Eagles, George Jones, Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner, Glen Campbell, Emmylou Harris, Trisha Yearwood and many others.

He’s also co-written with a who’s who of American roots, rock and R&B composers that embraces Tom Waits, J.D. Souther, Bobby Whitlock, Jim Lauderdale and Beth Nielsen Chapman. READ MORE


Heading Out On The Road

PEACEFUL EASY FEELING  45th Anniversary Tour Hi People! Heading out on the road THIS WEEK to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the Eagles having released my composition 'Peaceful Easy Feeling' as a single on David Geffen's Asylum Records. Along with...

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Peaceful Easy Feeling 45th Anniversary Tour Begins in April

PEACEFUL EASY FEELING  45th Anniversary Tour  https://www.facebook.com/tours/1632149126871610/ Hi People! It's so hard to believe that it's been 45 years since the Eagles released my composition 'Peaceful Easy Feeling' as a single on David Geffen's Asylum Records. I...

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ASCAP Interview

Easy Writer: Jack Tempchin Reflects on “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and The Magic of Songwriting By Erik Philbrook, ASCAP Editor in Chief • December 12, 2017 SHARE: Great American music scenes have flourished throughout the years all across the country, from New Orleans to...

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"My friend's got a Chrysler... I've got a Dodge." - Joe Walsh released 'Ordinary Average Guy' on this date in 1991Music video by Joe Walsh performing Ordinary Average Guy. (C) 1991 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT ... See MoreSee Less

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I like this song. In an 1980's world, the reggae beat was popular, and while the mode and style was no stranger to Joe, I found the record like a breath of fresh air, when so many rockers were teasing their hair, wearing make-up, spandex, and catering to the MTV demographic stereo-type - white suburban girls 12-16 yrs. old, Joe stayed true to his own distinctive style.

Sometimes the craziest one is the voice of reason. He seemed to bring what the Eagles needed when they needed it and he can stand on his own as well. And a sense of humor or to boot!

Not just an ordinary musician. But one of the truest LEGENDS. To ever make music

I saw him do this a few times, but the coolest was a free concert on Ft Carson. I believed he is an ordinary a-ver-age guy! Thanks Joe!

Crazy Joe ! Eagles might be the most talented band of all time ! Even today's line up is stacked . Glenn , the Mr Cool of rock is so missed but Deacon sure sounds like Glenn 2.0 . Now nobody replaces Glenn but again his boy is doing great !

Joe’s a great compliment to the Eagles. Actually, I think he made the band what it is. Although I have never met him, he seems like a hand up guy. You have to admire that.

Cool. One year after he’d played on and produced it for New Zealand band Herbs. youtu.be/jDpqBLL4mKU

Not my favorite Joe Walsh tune, but it does paint a great picture of a dad in the 60s - 70s. Reminds me of my dad and Fred Flintstone

Mr. Tempchin, Thank You for sharing your music and for spotlighting the music of your many friends (who we all love as well). You are a selfless person in a self-serving society. Love, Hugs and Rock-n-Roll! ❤🎵

Now thats a really kool song , thanks for sharing Jack!

I’ve always loved this playful song!

Love "The Joe" can do no wrong. (y)

Hope it was all done Alphabetical order jack 🦅🎸🎸🦅

Joe would be fun to jam with I think

Thanks for sharing! Like the EAGLES 🦅

I love Joe Walsh.

Ordinary Joe

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Just 3 years ago, Glenn Frey appeared live onThe Dan Patrick Show on this date. He talks Miami Vice, Smugglers Blues, Cameron Crowe, Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire and more.youtube.com ... See MoreSee Less

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I saw it. He was such a guy's guy. Reminds me of my oldest brother. Nothing he would rather do than sit around and shoot the breeze with a bunch of friends. Growing up with 4 older brothers and all their friends, maybe that's why I was so drawn to him. 😎

I love seeing Glenn as Glenn. He looked so good, so soon before we lost him. Still hard to accept. 🙁

Love D P & the Danettes, remember listening to this on radio. Was Glenn 😎 or what?

Again, sigh.....

Andrew Cross

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2 days ago

Eagles Songwriter Jack Tempchin

Live in Poway... ... See MoreSee Less


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See u in Portland,Jack!❤️

Hey jack love u rena from terre haute in


Alright alright alright well I didn't realize that this guy wrote one of my favorite songs written by Johnny Rivers swayin to the music cuz you're in the number of songs most Northerly Peaceful Easy Feeling and already gone by the Eagles and a lot of solo stuff by Glenn Frey putting Smuggler's Blues the Heat Is On You Belong To The City in that to know so I hear is why this is Jack Tim Sheehan

Brings back memories fron Owensboro Ky 🙂

Hi Jack

Who had that out, Johnny Rivers? I love the song. I should’ve known that you wrote it. I absolutely love your songs, Jack, 💙Thank you.

Just because Johnny Rivers had it out on an album doesn’t mean he wrote it. I’m pretty sure Jack wrote it.

That music is about how I'm feeling right now jack. Really sounds good ole friend

My very favorite Jack Tempchin song. Brings back lovely feelings.

Hi Jack! Would love to be there, Enjoy the evening!❤️

Hey Jack—Love your music—especially “Swaying to the music”

Sounds good jack I haven't been around in a while buddie

Thanks for the great songs! You went to the same high school as me!! Woo hoo!😜

Glad to hear ya Jack !! Don from Bakersfield ca.

Hello Jack from East Tennessee

Hello Jack, from Smyrna Tennessee.

Great way to end day in Houston !

We loved the peaceful, easy feeling you left us with after the concert! Great show!

my daughter lives in Poway

Thank you for all the Great music

Always liked this song. Beautiful

Hi Jack - from N. Texas

I love that song 🙂

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Just 3 years ago, Glenn Frey​ appeared on The Dan Patrick Show to talk music, sports, Jackson Browne​, Eagles​ and more...youtube.com ... See MoreSee Less

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I watched that show and thought it was one if not the best Dan Patrick Show ever.

"Hit songs are a by product of a good song and a good record". Dude is all over it IMO. Furthermore his legacy backs up the thought. Thanks for posting this, JT

Hearing Glenn mention the tour date in Austin, really brought back good memories. I was fortunate to have gone with my daughter to the last North American concert of the tour in San Antonio-Oct. 2014 and to the first of 2015 in May-Austin. No words to describe what being there was like. ❤️

That was a great interview with Glenn.

Rip Glenn Frey



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