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Hi, This is Jack.

I’m really excited to be announcing the release of my new album out now on Blue Elan Records.OneMoreSongImage

I went back to my roots with very simple musical arrangements of my strongest songs, going back to my coffee house days of the 60’s. We are giving away a version of the title track, which is called “One More Song”. It starts off by saying “I was in a sleazy bar in San Diego”, which of course, I was… It was recorded several times over the years, but never by me. This is the first time I have made a record of it. My friend Jackson Browne liked the song and there is a version on the internet of him and Linda Ronstadt singing it together live with the stellar line up of David Lindley on violin, Andrew Gold on guitar, and Kenny Edwards on bass at Clark University in Worcester, MA on March 13, 1974.

The wonderful Kate Wolf recorded it on her “An Evening In Austin” DVD, which was done live at Austin City Limits in November of 1985. By the the time you read this, I’ll have made my debut playing this song live in front of thousands at the 21st Annual Kate Wolf Music Festival in Northern California in her honor.  Also, Randy Meisner, a member of the Eagles, recorded and named his 1980 solo album “One More Song”. I love the way he did it.

For a complimentary version of the song from Blue Élan Records, just click the link below, where you will be taken to a site to enter your email address. That’s right. You can get the song for free right now just by clicking over and putting your email there.

Pretty cool…Thanks people!




Adams Avenue Unplugged

Sat Apr 29, 12p PST

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Famed songwriter Jack Tempchin is known for penning some of the most durable tunes in American music for a variety of artists that includes the Eagles, George Jones, Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner, Glen Campbell, Emmylou Harris, Trisha Yearwood and many others.

He’s also co-written with a who’s who of American roots, rock and R&B composers that embraces Tom Waits, J.D. Souther, Bobby Whitlock, Jim Lauderdale and Beth Nielsen Chapman.


From Rolling Stone.com: 

Jack Tempchin on New Album, Glenn Frey Tribute and Eagles Classics

“Peaceful Easy Feeling” songwriter tells humorous stories behind the hits and details his upcoming LP saluting the late Eagle


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9 hours ago

Eagles Songwriter Jack Tempchin

Jack's Sunset Beach Jam in Encinitas, California ... See MoreSee Less

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Let's Party Jack ! We have been getting a lot of rain here in Vancouver B.C.Canada. Maybe you can bring some sunshine in our lives with your Great music ! Luv Ya Jack 🙂

I'm wearing my "Peaceful Easy Feeling" golf cap with the LEDs. Lol

Hey Jack nice boardwalk to sing have a great evening God bless!

Great job thanks for playing live! Diggin it from Ocala,Fl

Love this jack ! I drive a Lincoln also but mkz. Love it ! & your great music !!

You are awesome. God bless you always. Thank you. I am from Ashtabula Ohio. Keep up the good music

Hey, Jack, I didn't know there was any OTHER kind of bar in San Diego 😉

I love the song on so many levels that you and Glenn wrote, "It's your world now". Cindy Neubauer of Washington State

Im moving back to San Diego !!! Love Encinitas area

i missed the punch line and looked away

Thanks Jack !! From McMinnville, Tennessee

Hi Jack! Funny man!

Aw you don't need any online course! You're a hoot all on your own naturally. (hehehee) Love your music!! <3

10 You are fuuunnnyyy!!! And I love you!! Mirthy, Mirthy Liana Potts from Tacoma,Washington!! Love your spontaneity and on the beach whooohoooo!!

Hi Jack ....been awhile. Good to see n hear you

Palm Springs CA

Thanks, Jack, Walkertown , N.C keep on singing & playing that giltar !

Are you a lefty like me or is that a reverse image?

Hi Jack......

Good luck; maybe you'll get some new material. 😜

Thanks for sharing Jack

Victoria, Texas!

🌴Sunset over the Pacific ~ & your Rockin & Rolling us into the night🌴

...Hello from "Hotel California"!!🎼🌴🎼!!...

Very funny Jack.

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"My friend's got a Chrysler... I've got a Dodge." Joe Walsh released 'Ordinary Average Guy', his 9th studio album, on this date in 1991.Music video by Joe Walsh performing Ordinary Average Guy. (C) 1991 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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I miss wearing cowboy boots with chains like he has in the video... 80's-90's Rocked

My husband is on his way home from an annual OAG ( named for Ordinary Average Guy) camping trip at Land Between the Lakes. They don't bowl but drink beer and bourbon while sitting around a campfire with instruments singing songs. Bet they sound great! (what happens at OAG stays at OAG). my husband is the oldest at 61. The rest aren't far behind him and I'm pretty sure they all are in their 20's during OAG week.

"On Sat-ur-day I go and work in the yard....pick up the dog doo...hope that it's hard..." Man-o-man. If there was EVER a line that epitomizes life, that's it. LOL!

My parents both worked for Chrysler and my brother worked at Dodge. True! 😂😂😂

This song was epic last night in Dallas. But I think, Tom and Joe, missed an opportunity to blow everyone's socks off, by performing TOGETHER!

This tune rocks & evokes old memories

Picking up dog poop, hoping it's hard...


I love Joe Walsh 's singing and his guitar playing.

I love this song! Saw him play for free on Ft Carson

Thank Jack Joe so cool by the way I have a chevy

Love this song!

ill see him tuesday night in nashville!!

That's off to you Joe!


Man of the hour


Saw him tonight in North Little Rock before Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Great performance by both. These guys amaze me -- Still Rockin'! And of course, Joe rocked with Ordinary Average Guy!!

Nearly forgot about the lil car , I have a Chrysler too & its 4 Sale.

Will see him with Tom Petty Tuesday

Love this ... memories <3 I drive a GMC 1 ton dually. js

Love this tune. Makes me smile

Go Joe use a mono!

I love his songs !

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Happy Birthday to Glen Campbell (Official) turning 81 today! Glen cut 'Rollin', a song I wrote with Joe Rainey, for his album "It's the World Gone Crazy" in 1981. Wishing him and his family the very best in his brave battle with Alzheimer's Disease. He's an American treasure who's graced us with his life and songs.Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Rollin' · Glen Campbell It's The World Gone Crazy ℗ 1981 Capitol Records Nashville ℗ 1981 Capitol Records Nashvi... ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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He may not even know it's his birthday, but I do wish him the very best on this day.

Happy Birthday, Glen Campbell. One of the great all time guitarists. Hecj of a picket.

He is an American treasure!!!! ❤️his music!!! "Galveston", "By the time I get to Phoenix", great songs that are timeless.

Gonna miss him,,,,glad we have his music to comfort us now and after

Happy birthday, Glen! Jack you are a sweet, generous, humble and incredible songwriter.

Happy Birthday Glen Campbell!! You are such a treasure!! Have always loved your music.

Happy Birthday Glenn, always loved you. May God be with you thru this difficult journey

Never heard this.Love it.Thx

Happy Birthday, Glenn 🎂🎈🎁

Happy birthday, Mr. Campbell

Thanks jack we are getting old

Happy Birthday to you & Roy Orbinson same day same year....

Happy birthday glen


Treasure indeed, Jack. Happy Birthday, Rhinestone Cowboy!

My mom died of Alzheimer's - she forgot how to swallow. It's a ravaging devastating disease and it's heartbreaking. I grew up Listening to Glenn Campbell and it really saddens me just like Glenn Frey's death.

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'Slow Dancing' LP lyric sheet autograph
#RecordStoreDay! Blue Élan Records has autographed copies of 'One More Song' 180G Vinyl LPs with signed lyric sheet of "Slow Dancing". Available ONLY at- http://www.blueelan.com/jack-tempchin-store
... See MoreSee Less

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Love the album-When will you be close to Indianapolis?

This little video made me smile. I will be buying the album.

alright Jack!! Now just kick back & let the money flow in. Home Boy Billy Winn.

I am listening to it right now. Love it.

That's real cool.

Looking good Jack.


Thanks for putting out more great music Jack!

Love this album! So happy when it got here.

Eagles all the way


Great job jack enjoyed you all these years you still

What a fantastic record....just got my big disk....and signed lyric sheet....should have had you add my first name ....it will soon be framed and sit between Henley an Vince Gill autograph's. Thanks Jack.


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"Watching Glenn Frey sing 'Already Gone'..." Brad Paisley's new song 'Last Time For Everything' Pays tribute to Glenn Frey, Prince and Little Jimmy Dickens.Get "Last Time for Everything" now when you pre-order Brad Paisley's new album, LOVE AND WAR, available 4/21: smarturl.it/bploveandwar vevo.ly/... ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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You're pretty amazing Mr. Tempchin. Would love to write with you someday.

I always look forward to your " daily shares" about the Eagles. Love the music & the insights. Thanks

Another great one from Brad. He's really a top notch musician 💜🎶💙

Great reminders in there, ty for sharing... you hit the mark with so many posts, timing always seems perfect & I have much gratitude for it.

He sure has a way with words...🎶

It don't get much better than that!

Lots of fun listening that groove. Thanks, Jack

Thumbs up. Thanks for posting, Jack.

So true...

Nice song

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April 1973: Upon completion of their 'Desperado' LP, original Eagles delivered a live set for a BBC2 studio audience in London, United Kingdom. Set List: "Train Leaves Here This Morning" "Saturday Night", "Peaceful Easy Feeling", "Certain Kind of Fool", "Earlybird" & "Take It Easy" #fbf #FlashbackFriday

IN CONCERT THE EAGLES 1973 - Video Dailymotion
A rare mini concert from the archive, before the Eagles became famous
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

I love this concert from the early days! I think they also played "Witchy Woman" (Glenn: "Halloween's not in the summer!" Bernie: "Details, details"). Thanks for this.

I always loved that little lilt Glenn gave to "I" when he sang "I gotta know if your sweet love..." in 'Peaceful Easy Feeling.'

I love 'Train leaves here this morning!' Awesome banjo pickin' from Bernie and Don looks so angelic 😉

I have this DVD....Yes I do.. it's a copy but it works... I totally love it

Such raw talent. Fun to look back and see how much better they got after a few years. What I respect most about the Eagles is to they is was ALL about the music on stage. No outlandish outfits (ok Walsh later), but still it was about delivering the music as best they could. No better band live IMO. Many great and at times spectacular, but consistent excellence, this band was like no other!

I was thinking 'bout a woman who might of loved me. I didn't know

Love Glenn Frey 😘❤ Love my Eagles 🦅 Keep on Rockin the Heavens Glenn! RIP still can't believe that your gone 😢😔

The Eagles have always been my favorites, so much unbelievable talent!

Glenn was the star here. Everything a Rock god needs to be

this has to be one of the earliest examples of a rock band " unplugged " and it's absolutley brilliant, only took the rest of the world 30 years to catch up. Great clip Jack.

One of my all-time favorites, still touched with a bit of innocence, a great set. Ty for the reminders, sorely needed these days.

We may lose and we may win, but we will never be here again...

Thanks, Jack, for posting this gem of an appearance!

You know I've always been a dreamer, spent my life running round, so hard to change, can't seem to settle down.

Thx,Jack,I sang back up with George Jones in 1983,I sing Blues and Country!😎

So much talent!! Thanks again Jack!!!

Great and they only got better

Love Love this thanks

Thanks Jack

The things we did together will make us live forever.

Love love love


#BRILLIANT!..thanks for posting!❤️❤️

Kasper, je hebt mij zojuist een blije man gemaakt!

All my favs

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"And I'm feeling strong... I will sing this victory song!" Eagles released 'Already Gone' (Tempchin / Strandlund) as a single on this date in 1974 from their 'On the Border' LP. Here it's featured in Eagles: Farewell 1 Tour-Live from Melbourne

Eagles - Already Gone HD HQ - Vìdeo Dailymotion
CONCIERTO FAREWELL (TOUR 1) All copyright claims go to its rightful owner. This song is for entertainment and education purposes only. Enjoy!
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

G D and C. Throw in F at the end for a cool key change. Simple is universal. Anyone who loves music can play it while they're learning. It makes us nostalgic. We learned this one first. It will always be special. Plus the lyrics are so awesome. Nice country vibe. I like it better than Hotel California.

I saw that tour when it came to Providence. The last time they ever played here. Easily the best concert ive ever seen.

Just watched the video of already gone from farewell 1 tour from Melbourne. First time I could watch it without tearing up. Thank you for sharing.

One of their absolute best. I love everything about the "On the Border" album.

Never get tired of their music. The world will be an empty place if the Eagles stop touring.

It's nice to see Steuart Smith get some screen time. I wish he would get more credit for what he contributed to The Eagles!

Wish I could have seen them . My all time favorite group and always will be. ❤❤

They could flat out bring it from day 1 - it's going to be interesting hearing what happens without Mr Frey

Wish I could see The Eagles , they will be in L.A. soon but to expensive..:-) 🙂 🙂

One of the best can't stop listening to their music.

One of the best!!!!

You can't get too much of the Eagles!!!

Fantastic Miss u glen💜

Love this song.

Loved it. Thanks.

Never get tired of watching them live 🎸🎶❤️🎶🎸

Eldremore Theodd, we were just watching this

Love your posts Jack! You keep it all alive for us!

Great song. Thank you for sharing these priceless gems 🎵🎼🎶🎤🎸

Fantastic.....On the Border....my most favorite album

Love the words to that song

Love this song ...Jack !

Great song!

Thank you Mr. Tempchin👍

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