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Hi, This is Jack.

I’m really excited to be announcing the release of my new album out now on Blue Elan Records.OneMoreSongImage

I went back to my roots with very simple musical arrangements of my strongest songs, going back to my coffee house days of the 60’s. We are giving away a version of the title track, which is called “One More Song”. It starts off by saying “I was in a sleazy bar in San Diego”, which of course, I was… It was recorded several times over the years, but never by me. This is the first time I have made a record of it. My friend Jackson Browne liked the song and there is a version on the internet of him and Linda Ronstadt singing it together live with the stellar line up of David Lindley on violin, Andrew Gold on guitar, and Kenny Edwards on bass at Clark University in Worcester, MA on March 13, 1974.

The wonderful Kate Wolf recorded it on her “An Evening In Austin” DVD, which was done live at Austin City Limits in November of 1985. By the the time you read this, I’ll have made my debut playing this song live in front of thousands at the 21st Annual Kate Wolf Music Festival in Northern California in her honor.  Also, Randy Meisner, a member of the Eagles, recorded and named his 1980 solo album “One More Song”. I love the way he did it.

For a complimentary version of the song from Blue Élan Records, just click the link below, where you will be taken to a site to enter your email address. That’s right. You can get the song for free right now just by clicking over and putting your email there.

Pretty cool…Thanks people!




Adams Avenue Unplugged

Sat Apr 29, 12p PST

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Famed songwriter Jack Tempchin is known for penning some of the most durable tunes in American music for a variety of artists that includes the Eagles, George Jones, Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner, Glen Campbell, Emmylou Harris, Trisha Yearwood and many others.

He’s also co-written with a who’s who of American roots, rock and R&B composers that embraces Tom Waits, J.D. Souther, Bobby Whitlock, Jim Lauderdale and Beth Nielsen Chapman.


From Rolling Stone.com: 

Jack Tempchin on New Album, Glenn Frey Tribute and Eagles Classics

“Peaceful Easy Feeling” songwriter tells humorous stories behind the hits and details his upcoming LP saluting the late Eagle


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3 hours ago

Eagles Songwriter Jack Tempchin

Saturday! Steve Wood, Beth Fitchet Wood & Ernest Troost join me at Neighborhood Congregational Church Laguna Beach for a Songwriter Showcase Concert to benefit the NCC Music Program. TICKETS: NCC Church Office (949) 494-8061 Or email: Office@NCCLaguna.org ... See MoreSee Less

Saturday! Steve Wood, Beth Fitchet Wood & Ernest Troost join me at Neighborhood Congregational Church Laguna Beach for a Songwriter Showcase Concert to benefit the NCC Music Program. TICKETS: NCC Church Office (949) 494-8061 Or email: Office@NCCLaguna.org

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Good Luck Jack Tempchin at the Songwriter Showcase Concert that benefits the NCC Music Program. Jack Tempchin's music gives us a peaceful easy feeling. Take it easy.

Tickets on Sale 4/7 10AM! Learn more at- http://www.theclassic.com ... See MoreSee Less

Tickets on Sale 4/7 10AM! Learn more at- http://www.theclassic.com

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I have tickets to the July 15, 2017 Doobie Brothers and Chicago concert in Cincinnati.... eight sorority sisters getting together to celebrate the music of our college years and since. The Doobie Brothers have apparently blown off this concert to appear at the one mentioned above. What a crummy thing to do.

Glad to see them all together...it shall be called the Silver Run! Lol

Convenient that they're still not disclosing ticket prices....

Wow, the best of the best. Love all of these bands, have seen all of them several times when I was young and got to share the album's and concerts with my son's...🎤❤

Just can't do it. No Glenn ... No Eagles ... What ??? Don't the rest of them have enough money already ??? This is ridiculous. I can't believe Don is allowing this.

Hope it's put on sale in a DVD version.

What a gig, shame im so far away, enjoy guys x

Me too

Jack - who will be trying to fill in for Glenn?

So its really gonna happen.....

Why oh why cant I go. This will be awesome!!!!!

Ca Ching!

I def want to go and im trying my best to b there

Amazing. I knew it would

I would love to go but unable to travel😢

Thanks for posting

How I would so love to be there!

Any word on who will be doing Glenn's part??

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11 hours ago

Eagles Songwriter Jack Tempchin

... See MoreSee Less

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Tickets are for 2 days ,and a bit pricey . How about a show in Florida Alot easier to get to ,than Citifield .

The band should announce their intentions as to who will be guesting with them for these 2 shows.

Eagles, without Glen, don't get it

Eagles...are they back.....

Please come to east Tennessee too! 😣

wow x 2

Amen will be quite a show

Great lineup


Oh my birhday preasant

Actually what about everybody in between?

That SATURDAY lineup especially appealing... with John Cowan, one of my singing bass player heros, playing with the Doobies (of course, I ALSO am an admirer of Timothy B.'s work) ... just an added bonus...

Unfortunately I won't get

Giuse Di Russo Cantarella

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ITS ON: Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, Steely Dan, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Doobie Brothers live in L.A./NYC this July! Tickets on sale at Ticketmaster APRIL 7th 10AMDon’t miss the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, and Earth, Wind & Fire all live in concert! The Classic West –Los Angeles at ... ... See MoreSee Less

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I'm sure a ticket for this event will be cheap. ....lol, not! Great concert, a marathon for sure!

Soo jealous ! Wld there b any possibility of this happening in UK preferably not just London!! I know I know wishing on a star! X

Have they announced who will be filling in for Glenn frey?

I understand Stuart Smith who has been playing with the eagles since 2001

Awesome let the healing begin I just said yesterday the eagles would resurrect like the phoenix

Oh what a show that will be

They should have these bands come to Texas

Would love to see it. It'll be amazing!

Oh I would love to see that show!!

Gerard Martin Vargas grabe Arnel Pineda and Eagles.

im glad they are still around i love their music


Robert Lindsey this, right?

I am going to Don Henley's Birthday bash in Texas so I can't spend another 3,000.00 dollars with airfare and hotel costs the next weekend. Oh well I will enjoy the Texas show!

This is my idea of heaven !! What I wouldn't give to be there <3 There will be a huge part missing though. Glenn would have loved being on stage with them all.

FYI - $150.00 - $950.00 for both nights at each venue, no single day tickets are being sold. There is an eight ticket limit per person.

No Glenn, no Eagles, just former Eagles. I'm ashamed of them.

Sounds great but so many people won't be able to afford to go. I'm one of them. sad

Who's going to be stepping in with The Eagles for Glen Frey? Thoughts?

Either he is very sweet or has a great PR person. Answers a reply to comments!😀

O man wish I could be there plus I could see my cous George Norman Cross ol yeah

I heard Vince Gill. Not the Eagles without Frey though.

I wanna go

Any pre-sale ticket information?

Euro millions this Friday,fingers crossed.lol

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James Gang's 'Yer Album' was released on this date in 1969 on ABC Records featuring a young Joe Walsh on guitar. Rock critic Robert Christgau christened their debut effort as, "An exciting, hard-rocking white blues/soul record." ... See MoreSee Less

James Gangs Yer Album was released on this date in 1969 on ABC Records featuring a young Joe Walsh on guitar. Rock critic Robert Christgau christened their debut effort as, An exciting, hard-rocking white blues/soul record.

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OMGosh .... I adored The James Gang!!! thanks for the share <3

Oh yea! Got the album and best of cd excellent band of that period in time ! 😜👍🎶

I never knew jimmy fox was once the drummer fot the 60's band the outsiders

I wish i could show you the framed picture i have hanging in my hallway!

STILL doing the 2nd verse of "Walk Away" to test my mic before gigs...

I had this album.

💘 James Gang

Great album

Great Band.....Classic

Oh yes James gang

The start of Joe's brilliant music carear

Have you heard about the Classic tour - it includes the Eagles??!!

Great band!

Joe Walsh is still fantastic to see and hear live, a true legend

I loved the James Gang back in the day. Used to listen to them when I was in high school.

Love the "Gang". Only band in my high school that played em.

Oh yeah baby!!!!!

mmmmamn, am I gett

Straight shooter

I wore my brother's copy out.

Funk 49!!! 👍🎸🎵🎶


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"From This Day On You'll Never Walk Alone..." 'Glenn Frey Solo Collection' was released on this date in 1995. We co-wrote 15 of the album's 16 hits including: You Belong To The City, Smuggler's Blues, Party Town, True Love, Sexy Girl, Soul Searchin', Part of Me Part Of You and more. A few of which will be on my summer release. #ripGlennFrey ... See MoreSee Less

From This Day On Youll Never Walk Alone... Glenn Frey Solo Collection was released on this date in 1995. We co-wrote 15 of the albums 16 hits including: You Belong To The City, Smugglers Blues, Party Town, True Love, Sexy Girl, Soul Searchin, Part of Me Part Of You and more. A few of which will be on my summer release.  #ripGlennFrey

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Fabulous feel good song. The lyrics are so poignant now. RIP lovely Glenn Frey. Miss you so much 💔💔💔. Once again, thanks Jack for keeping his memory alive 💕

Also Brave New World - my personal favourite Glenn Frey-song 🙂 you helped him with that one 2 🙂 it is a beautiful song to a kid that get 's scared about bad news in tv and wars

They hide it up in Telluride, I mean it's here to stay. Smuggler's Blues is a great tune, but also, an accurate essay on American culture.

I was listening to this record today. Glen had a great voice and great songs.

I was a big fan of "No Fun Aloud".. great songs on that album too.. everything Glen and Jack did together was amazing..

You have written some great songs Jack. I grew up with most of them 🙂

This way to happiness is such a great song! The entire album is fantastic as well!

Party Town is my all time favorite song from Glenn Frey's solo career.

I play this cd all the time. My personal favorite Part of Me, Part of you.

Someone broke into my car last night and my entire Eagles and Glenn CDs were stolen. Lost everything. All I can do is cry.

That's a fact Jack ... Glennie is walking with me all the time ... Now that he doesn't have to be in that God damb LA.

i keep it in the car, love it,pity " the allnighter " was'nt on it though

Got a recording for Christmas way back.....never forgot i played over and over.....

Love this album! The songs are so wonderful!

An absolutely fantastic and terribly overlooked album.

Got this too! Miss Glenn!

Love love love this!!❤😎❤

Awesome album

Love the party Town Lets go Party Town did you write that one Jack

Love this, listen to it almost every day

What a great album and Part of you part of me is so good

Have that album. Absolutely brilliant 💕

Glenn could hit a frying pan with a rock & I'd love it 😀

Miss him his music iconic never be again rip


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"You were a lowdown rebel if there ever was..." Eagles released 'On the Border' this month in 1974. Side Two / Track One: "James Dean"The sixth track on the Eagles' third album, On the Border, released in 1974. LYRICS:James Dean, James Dean I know just what you mean James Dean, you said it ... ... See MoreSee Less

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"Along came a Spyder, picked up a rider, and took him down the road to enternity." I had the pleasure to ride in a '55 Spyder. Fun car!

have wondered since this album came out what was being said right after Don says under his breath "sick of it". Thanks for solving the mystery for me. Now tell me who the woman is that "sings" on Witchy Woman. High voice but I believe it to be female and not Randy.

Love this song I was young when james Dean was acting but I have seen the old movies ,so sad he had to die so young !

And i know my life would look alright if i could see it on the silver screen!

Yes. Just like Glenn. They were too fast to live and too young to die. Bye bye.

Love this song, this is my favorite song on this album, really rocks

This one right here I listen to on Pandora all the time

Poor James Dean 🙁

My favorite Eagles album

Visited James Deans resting place in Fairmount In .. and museum

Written by Glen Frey, Don Henley, Jackson Brown , and some others!

Every song on this album is great.

Just took this off my turn table

You were too fast to live, too young to die, bye bye.

Again; fantastic lyrics!

Who wrote it?


This whole album is awesome!

sounds like Glenn Frey

"Too fast to live, too young to die" RIP Glenn.

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"Don't you tell me about your law and order..." 'On the Border' was released this month in 1974. The title track was inspired by Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal. Barely audible at the end of the song, Glenn Frey can be heard stating "Say Goodnight, Dick!"Provided to YouTube by Warner Music Group On The Border · Eagles On The Border (Remastered) ℗ 1974 Elektra/Asylum Records Additional Guitar, Banjo: Bernie Le... ... See MoreSee Less

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Brilliant vocals from Don Henley this song really shows his high and low range ability of his 4 octave voice!! Can picture him drumming/ singing it too!

Never Mind Your Name!!! Randy nailed it. Best line in the song. Love that whole album.

The Eagles and the Clappette's.....great tune , awesome album😍❤✌️

"Hmm, you in some trouble boy, we know where you're been."

Fantastic song. Thanks for posting all this stuff, Jack..


Great album!

Yep i remember the scandle. Glad to see ya on here jack

And, they had to get "totally liberated on gin and tonics" to get through the recording of the 'Temptations rift in the middle. One of my favorite parts of the song is Glenn totally belting out "And we wanna know..." (whose wing are you under.)

Great song, but my album favorite is STILL "Good Day In Hell"...

They were so tight on this song. Glenn and Bernie, perfect together on guitars. Don and Randy perfect as well together.

I think "On the Border" should be release to single , replace the "Best of my love" .

My fav song on my fav album. Ever. Awesome lyrics!

Just really love this song!

"We the people have the power"

Gonna turn this water to wine

Way cool !!

Hi jack are you ever coming to Canada to play?

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Jack Autographs 'Slow Dancing' LP
Autographing lyric sheet of "Slow Dancing" for my new 'One More Song' album. 180G Vinyl LP is due out 3/31 on Blue Élan Records! Preorder yours here- http://www.blueelan.com/jack-tempchin-store
... See MoreSee Less

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Question....I want to buy one of the autographed copies but NOT do it online....is it possible to do it?

Where can I buy it?

always a pleasure to see and hear you !! fantastic album !!! 🙂 😉 😉

I still have a record changer and an 8 track player in my system!

Very nice Jack you have a great day man will share God bless!

Not sure how many still spin albums I know I do Jack would love to have that album so awesome.

Ordered mine, can hardly wait to get it!

You're one of the best.

Great song.

Love it


Hey Jack!!! <3


Thanks for sharing great video

This reminds me... did you ever hear Ian Gomm's version of 'Slow Dancing'? www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLnpJAfY1XM

one of my favorite songs of all time....just love it. may need to get one.

Jack, Are you coming to the San Jose Bay Area anytime soon?

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