Peaceful Easy Feeling: The Songs of Jack Tempchin


“This album, Peaceful Easy Feeling: The Songs of Jack Tempchin, is [my recordings of] all the songs I wrote with Glenn Frey, plus “Slow Dancing,” “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Already Gone.” For “Slow Dancing,” I recorded a duet version with Rita Coolidge, and we’ve filmed a video with the two of us singing on it.

Also on the album is “Soul Searchin’,” which I recorded with blues singer Janiva Magness. And then I recorded an acoustic version of “Already Gone” with my friends Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen. Chris, Herb and I also recorded a song called “It’s Your World Now,” which is on the last Eagles album they recorded (Long Road Out of Eden). I also did a song called “Privacy” which Glenn and I wrote, but no one’s heard before. We’re making a video of this song…

This was a great new opportunity—I’d never recorded any of these songs. It was challenging, but I think the album turned out great and I’m glad I did it. Also, by doing duets which I don’t normally do, it expanded me musically. So it was really a good thing.” – Jack Tempchin in Songwriter’s Universe



Famed songwriter Jack Tempchin is known for penning some of the most durable tunes in American music for a variety of artists that includes the Eagles, George Jones, Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner, Glen Campbell, Emmylou Harris, Trisha Yearwood and many others.

He’s also co-written with a who’s who of American roots, rock and R&B composers that embraces Tom Waits, J.D. Souther, Bobby Whitlock, Jim Lauderdale and Beth Nielsen Chapman. READ MORE


Culture Sonar – Remembering Lines

Remembering Lines: The Jack Tempchin Interview BY JIM BEVIGLIA  JULY 17, 2018 Singer-songwriter Jack Tempchin is one of those “He wrote that too?” guys. For while best known for his songs recorded by The Eagles (“Peaceful Easy Feeling,” “Already Gone”), he also wrote...

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Love the Eagles and Don Henley!

This has some interesting parts in this. This has Glenn playing "DJ" and a lot of interaction between the band members. Go to track 15 for "random victims"! 😂 the whole album is awesome.

I love the Eagles

I love Eagles the band,Hello Jack!

Love to have it

Love it.

Love The Eagles and D😍N Felder and R♥️NDY🦅🎶🦅

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Eagles began recording of Eagles: Farewell 1 Tour-Live from Melbourne on this date... It was filmed at the Rod Laver Arena on November 14, 15 & 17, in 2004.

The Eagles - Peaceful Easy Feeling (Live-2005) - Vídeo Dailymotion
The Eagles - Peaceful Easy Feeling (Live-2005) Glenn Frey
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I sure miss Glen.

Very good!Love the #1 American Band 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅 for ever!

rest in peace glenn frey

Playing the DVD at this very moment

I agree Barry .They're the best !

As much as I loved them then... I appreciate them even more now. 😌🎼💕

It is still the concert DVD of the Eagles. I play it all the time! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Here ya go, Chessie... 😉

I have the live concert DVD, It is awesome. Sure miss Glenn Fry.R.I.P!!

"Amen"!! I love this song!! I have a peaceful easy feeling... Love my "Eagles!! "Rest In Peace" Glenn"!! You will never be forgotten!! 🙂 Love Deb xxoo <3 <3 <3

Awesome DVD

Still play the DVD . . . Especially when doing ironing 😂😂

I have the DVD also! Seen the concert in Omaha Nebraska also!

Got it on DVD !! It’s awesome 😎

Great dvd.


Best group ever!

Love the Eagles and Don Henley

Love this concert!!!

I was there.

I have the DVD great concert


Sono sempre le AQUILE. Stupendo DVD. Da ascoltare

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1 day ago

Eagles Songwriter Jack Tempchin

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Weve added a few new designs to Jacks Peaceful Easy Feeling’ store just in time for the holidays... Click & scroll. https://peacefuleasyfeelingshop.com/collections/t-shirts-and-hoodies


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All right!!!!💜


Dorian Colucci Mecir

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BIG THANKS to all who attended last week’s Northwest tour w Keith Harkin & Joey Harkum... See you again soon!Keith & Jack LIVE - Peaceful Easy Feeling Portland OR Nov 4, 2018 Alberta Street Pub Keep On Rolling Tour www.keithharkin.com www.jacktempchin.com ... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks Jack. That was so much fun!!!

Sweet video. Very special.🤗🎶

Yeah👍!I could follow the shows a little bit online👏👏👏and what should I say🤔!?!You were just about the limit🤗😍!Hope to see you live one day😃!What about Germany or Ireland😉!I wii be there😀!So wonderful that you will still have a few shows together😄🎸🎼🎤😁!All the best from the Baltic Sea🌊😏!

The PNW shows were OFF THE CHAIN! Thanks Jack! Always Great Seeing You & Hearing your funny stories & Fab Music! ❤️🎶✌🏼

It was an honor sir. You are one of the greatest. Thank you for your lifetime contributions to the music world. You have no idea how you influenced my teenage years💜


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TODAY Joe Walsh & Friends Present: VetsAid 2018 feat Don Henley, James Taylor, Chris Stapleton & HAIM at Tacoma Dome! Who's goin'? ... See MoreSee Less

Joe Walsh honoring the troops this week right before Joe Walsh & Friends Present: VetsAid 2018 Thanks Joe! ... See MoreSee Less

Joe Walsh honoring the troops this week right before Joe Walsh & Friends Present: VetsAid 2018 Thanks Joe!


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Fair play to Joe he supports the most important people in the usa. This is from an Irish person who admires the way the usa treats their law enforcement officers firefighters and military long may it last

Thanks mr walsh. ..you are a true american icon

he's a really good person.....thanks Joe.....

Thank you Joe for honoring our veterans...they deserve and you are awesome for doing this

I worked on Ft Carson in Colorado Springs and Years ago he had a free concert for military, Civil Service and their families. It was a blast! Not a bad seat in the house! Thanks Joe for supporting the troops!

My son is a combat vet💜


This makes him even more likeable. Awesome.

Now this really is awesome.

Way to go, Joe.

Excellent, Joe Walsh & company🇺🇸

Thank you men and women who are willing to put their lives on the line fir each and every American... even the ones who ridicule service persons. Thank you to your families fir all the missed Holudays that you’ve had to endure and for all the sacrifices you and your loved ones have had to... or are at this time... struggling to get through.... YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!!!


If only there were more lime you Joe 💖

Right On Joe! You would have made a good President , just by honouring War Vets and the respect you show and assistance you give!

He is just amazing and awesome!!

Way To Go Joe for honoring our veterans Thank You All Sooooo Much for your service and the sacrifices you all make.<3 <3 I salute you all <3 <3

Good morning Mr. Joe !! Thank you very much for your nice concert in my American travel !! Very brings back memories !! Thank you very much Denver , Minneapolis ,Des Moines and Eagles !! Have a nice day !!💞🏔️😁♥️

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