Easy Writer: Jack Tempchin Reflects on “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and The Magic of Songwriting
By Erik Philbrook, ASCAP Editor in Chief • December 12, 2017 SHARE:
Great American music scenes have flourished throughout the years all across the country, from New Orleans to Nashville, New York City to Seattle. One of the most fertile such creative flowerings occurred in Southern California in the late ‘60s and early 1970s, ground zero for the singer-songwriter movement and the country rock success of the Eagles. Jack Tempchin, a harmonica-slinging singer-songwriter plying his craft in San Diego music clubs, had just the right chops at the right time and became part of American music history when he befriended Eagles’ founder Glenn Frey and wrote “Peaceful Easy Feeling” for the band. It became one of the group’s most played, beloved and enduring songs. Tempchin went on to write more hits with Frey (“You Belong to the City,” “Smuggler’s Blues,” “The One You Love”), for the Eagles (“Already Gone,” “The Girl From Yesterday,” “Somebody,” “It’s Your World Now”) and for artists such as Johnny Rivers (“Slow Dancing”), George Jones, Emmylou Harris, Glen Campbell, Trisha Yearwood and more. His songs have also been sampled by Coolio and Jay-Z. While steadily building his own career as a performer and recording artist, he has also shared his valuable insights on songwriting in a video series, “Go Write One,” where he explores the “non-linear, spiritual and magical” aspects of his craft.  (READ MORE)