Jack Tempchin: One More Song

Jack Tempchin: Jack Tempchin: One More SongJack Tempchin’s name may not elicit immediate recognition, but chances are his songs will. He contributed to the composition of “Peaceful Easy Feeling” on the Eagles‘ eponymous debut album in 1972 and also helped write “Already Gone” from On the Border (Elektra, 1974). As a member of the Funky Kings in 1976 (along with another estimable composer, Jules Shear), he wrote and recorded “Slow Dancing,” made a bonafide hit by Johnny Rivers the very next year/ Yet that was just the first of many covers of this man’s tunes over the course of four decades in addition to a plethora of other writing collaborations during that interim, with the likes of another esteemed Eagles comrade, JD Souther and former friend of Delaney & Bonnie (and one of Derek’s Dominos) Bobby Whitlock.